Quasset at the SW4EU Grand Assembly Meeting


Quasset is a member of the Smart Water for Europe Project (SW4EU) and attended the SW4EU Grand Assembly Meeting on  June 10th & 11th in Lille, France. The event was hosted by the University of Lille. The current project progress and results were discussed and the next steps were scheduled and actioned.

SW4EU contributes to the European Innovation Partnership for Water (EIP Water) by speeding up innovations in the priorities of work that contribute to solving societal challenges, enhance Europe’s competitiveness and contribute to job creation and economic growth. Furthermore, the supply and demand should be brought together to accelerate acceptance of innovations and speed up market introduction.

Quasset contributes to SW4EU by delivering data presentations and helps modelling leak localisation, customer interaction and energy optimalisation.

Do you have more questions about SW4EU or would you like to know more about Quasset’s data presentation and model development? Please send an email to Luc Stakenborg, or call (+31) 35 8200288