4DConnect is a revolutionary real-time collaboration and support system between field technicians and remote experts that combines four key elements from the Quasset digital toolbox: mixed reality, digital workflows, 3D/4D digital twins and real-time communication. 4DConnect leverages digital twins of facilities and equipment by connecting engineers and technicians to collaborate when in different locations. This innovative support system between field technicians and remote experts increases efficiency, improves safety, and reduces errors.

The augmented technician's journey

This is an example of a scenario using 4DConnect
Mixed reality
Mixed reality is transforming the way inspections are carried out, delivering remarkable cost savings by optimizing operations. Field technicians augmented with HoloLens have all relevant asset information available in an intuitive way and can receive real-time expert support.
Digital workflows
Access pre-configured digital workflows: refer to a defined work pack, access crucial data instantly, and collaborate for optimal productivity. Digital workflows include an integrated troubleshooting framework and spatial whiteboarding.
Digital twins
Merge data with a 3D model of an asset to assess the condition and performance of an asset in virtual space. With AssetBuilder, our web-based 3D visualization software, an asset can be built in minutes. The digital twin can be viewed and annotated in real-time.
Real-time communication
Achieve real-time visibility in field operations with a support system that connects field technicians and remote experts. Real-time communication maximizes productivity, increases efficiency and safety, and reduces the frequency of downtime events.