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Quasset 3D Creative Media

At Quasset 3D Creative Media we combine our asset management knowledge with 2D and 3D design, we model, compose and create animations.

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Quasset 3D Innovation Services

At Quasset 3D Innovation Services we develop innovative concepts and products using 3D simulation and analyses.

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QMA training

Quasset Inspection 3D

Quasset Inspection 3D enables your business with custom made inspection 3D technology – with augmented reality & virtual reality.

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The power of 3D Innovation Services

As a provider of integrated asset management services and solutions, Quasset understands the power of 3D Innovation Services to convey ideas and concepts related to integrated asset management and information management.

Our international team consisting of engineers, graphic designers, and simulation specialists has years of experience using 3D animation and simulation to deliver both technical and visual solutions.

We specialise in the Oil & Gas industry, Public Infrastructure and water utilities, and provide services to all large industries. Some of our clients include Shell, Gassco and Vitens.