The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative, in collaboration with Chevron, organized its 2nd International Seminar on April 4th & 5th 2016, in Houston, Texas, USA. The 2-day Seminar, hosted at Chevron’s Global headquarters, was titled “The Global Outlook for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics” and saw leaders in the associated industries share their perspectives on the status, requirements and need for the application of inspection and maintenance robotics.

Quasset attended this event and was represented by Dr. Timothy Black, in his capacity as 3D Business Manager. Timothy manned the Quasset booth and also gave a presentation at the event. The presentation included, amongst others, a short summary and overview of Quasset’s activities, involvement and expertise in the domain of Inspection and Maintenance Robotics as well as an introduction to Quasset’ new department, Quasset 3D.

Quasset 3D specializes in using 3D methods to convey ideas and concepts related to integrated asset management & information management. The 3 service areas of Quasset 3D, namely Quasset 3D Creative Media, Quasset 3D Innovation Services, and Quasset 3D Inspection 3D were also illustrated at the Quasset booth, where demonstrations of the different products were given. The demonstrations attracted many visitors to the booth, and they shared their appreciation and enthusiasm for our products.

Having made quite an impression, Quasset is very proud to be a participant of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative and we are confident that we have truly placed ourselves on the map for North America.