Quasset Q-Pro is a modular solution to improve your asset management business processes.

Streamlined asset and inspection data collection, integrated processes, comprehensive data management, and risk forecasting: Quasset Q-Pro reimagines business processes by providing best-in-class, advanced solutions that improve business digital workflows.

Based on Quasset’s methodology, the solutions Quasset Q-Pro offers are fully modular and customisable, tailored to a company’s assets and business objectives. Before implementing Q-Pro components, Quasset defines and analyzes the current processes and workflows to create solutions that increase efficiency, up-time and overall business processes.

Quasset Q-Pro includes tablet-based data capture and workflow management systems for inspection and maintenance, risk modelling and asset forecasting solutions to understand short- and long-term needs of future CAPEX and OPEX, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) strategies, and integrated 3D, virtual and augmented reality technologies.


Business Workflows

Reimagines your business processes

  • Based on Quasset’s methodology
  • Works together to define and analyze the current processes and workflows
  • Solutions that increase efficiency and up-time


Powerful Asset Analysis

Enriching information with powerful asset data

  • Data analytics
  • Easily compare and analyse large data sets
  • 3D, Virtual and Augmented technology


Investment and Risk Forecasting

Dynamic analysis of emerging risks

  • explore multiple intervention scenarios
  • understand short- and long-term needs of future CAPEX and OPEX


Field Data Capture

Workflow based, mobile data entry

  • Accurately and efficiently capture asset and inspection data in the field
  • Capture data easily through workflow based data entry forms
  • Data capture includes photos, videos, and inspection measurement data


Streamlined Reporting

Share and communicate asset insights

  • Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Automatically generated PDF reports
  • Reporting includes asset data, risk analysis and forecasts