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HoloGrid, a mixed reality application to instantaneously create 3D grids
HoloGrid mixed reality

Quasset Q-Pro

Quasset Q-Pro reimagines business processes by providing best-in-class, advanced solutions that improve business digital workflows.
Based on Quasset’s methodology, the solutions Quasset Q-Pro offers are fully modular and customisable, tailored to a company’s assets and business objectives.
  • Business Workflows
  • Powerful Asset Analysis
  • Field Data Capture
  • Investment and Risk Forecasting
  • Streamlined Reporting
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With aging infrastructure, increased cost awareness, and the onset of digitalization, managing the assets we rely on each day is a complex challenge. Applying a pragmatic asset management approach, Quasset supports organizations in multiple sectors to optimize the balance between cost, performance and risks of capital-intensive infrastructure. We offer both process design and improvement which enables and streamlines redesigned workflows, including the implementation of cutting-edge business intelligence tools. By converting strategic concepts into practical impact, organizations can make investment decisions that generate direct value.

Digital transformation in asset management

Innovation management is an important cornerstone of Quasset. Our in-depth domain knowledge combined with the development of advanced digital tooling helps companies drive progress and create a competitive advantage. Since inception, we have been a part of prominent initiatives subsidized by the European Union, building networks between industries and pulling the value chain together.

Quasset Test Facility

Discover Quasset Test Facility, the unique combination of a highly flexible and relevant testing environment with an independent 3rd party assessment of technology.


Create digital twins of assets right in your browser.  AssetBuilder is web-based 3D visualization software which transforms 3D modelling into a quick and easy process.

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Be a part of our international and multi-disciplinary team! Whether you are a graduate at the start of your career or a seasoned professional, Quasset offers many career opportunities to grow. We encourage collaboration and challenging the status quo to create innovative and practical solutions that deliver value to our clients.

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