Innovation Use Cases

We build advanced solutions with the latest and newest trends in technology, supporting our clients with bespoke support for their innovation roadmaps and implementation needs.
From digital twins and mixed reality applications to workflow solutions for inspection and integrity management and cloud-based tooling for asset management processes, our digital toolbox is continually evolving.


Holo-Inspect & NDE Digital Center

Digital workflow solution for piping elbow inspection and reporting

Holo-Inspect & NDE Digital Center is a client solution developed for a major energy company to create a digital workflow that enhances NDE inspections for piping elbows.

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Digital workflow with expert support system

Revolutionary real-time collaboration and support system between field technicians and remote experts

This proof of concept combines digital workflows with an expert support system, bringing together four key elements from the Quasset digital toolbox: mixed reality, digital workflows, 3D/4D digital twins and real-time communication. The connected worker can access pre-configured digital workflows, refer to a defined work pack, access crucial data instantly, and collaborate with experts for optimal productivity.

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