Accelerate your progress at Quasset Innovation Hub, a central place where companies can co-locate, collaborate and utilize a test facility with real-world assets. Quasset Innovation Hub provides a fully-inclusive solution to companies who are driving the industry forward, developing disruptive field-ready robotic solutions at the heart of the digital transformation of critical infrastructure.

Quasset Innovation Hub: Office Space and Test Facility

Quasset Innovation Hub combines a 6,000 square foot office space with 3,000 square foot warehouse which functions as a test facility. The ceiling height of Quasset Test Facility (QTF) is 22 feet, providing ample space for testing indoor drones. There are five co-locating offices that are available for commercial rental. Amenities that are available to companies that co-locate to Quasset Innovation Hub include a large conference room, small conference room, a kitchen and cantine, ample parking, and an extended outdoor area.
With access to both conference spaces and a test facility, Quasset Innovation Hub is an ideal space for companies who would like to hold workshops, access samples in the test facility, and give demonstrations of new technologies.

Quasset Test Facility (QTF) provides the vital bridge between lab environments and real-world applications to safely test and validate novel solutions. Robotic and other new technologies can be tested on real-world assets in a safe and controlled setting. From start-ups to leading oil and gas companies and service providers, everybody now has the opportunity to accelerate in our technology development and deployment center.

An independent testing facility, QTF will house a range of decommissioned assets which will facilitate the experimentation and validation of robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance. Assets in the testing facility will include decommissioned pipe samples in various diameters, wall thicknesses, seam types and grades. A simulated storage tank will also be accessible on site, for evaluating performance of robotic platforms assessing tank floors for metal loss and cracks, as well as a decommissioned pressure vessel to facilitate applications of robotic platforms and sensors for integrity assessments.


Quasset Innovation Hub
11941 Cutten Rd. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77066


For more information about Quasset Innovation Hub co-locating, pricing and service offerings, please contact:

Xavier Quintanilla, General Manager North America
T: +1 (713) 367-5761
Adrian Rodriguez, Facility Manager
T: +1 (832) 641-6615