About us

Quasset was formed with a genuine passion for asset integrity management optimization.
We architect and implement suitable innovative technologies for improved inspection monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization. We develop and share best practices across different types of assets as we look to contribute to a sustainable future. Through these last 10 years, we’ve grown and evolved, but our fundamental drive to help companies accelerate progress has remained unchanged.
We are a multidisciplinary, international team of highly experienced consultants, engineers, and software developers located around the globe. Our expertise covers multiple sectors including energy, infrastructure, and water; our hands-on practical experience is what delivers solutions that work.

One team

We work as one team between our four offices in the Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, and United States. Even before the pandemic hit, our offices had implemented a robust remote working platform for collaboration and communication. We’ve continued to refine through these months of working at home, leading to our own optimization in communication and working together as one team.

Industry collaboration and partnerships are essential factors as we help accelerate digital transformation in asset integrity management. We have built a global network of local expertise and partnering organizations to help guide our clients towards a sustainable, safe and reliable future of asset integrity.

Quasset approach

In a constantly changing world, we are highly adaptable, and excel at transforming abstract concepts into tangible solutions – fast! Our aim is not to just provide gradual improvements, but new ways of approaching industry challenges.
We operate in opportunities and possibilities. Out-of-the-box thinking is what we enjoy, designing innovative solutions for clients to improve their business processes. We have a talent for being ahead of the trend curve and are not afraid to execute.
We see agile practices not merely as a software development tool but as a Quasset methodology.

Quasset culture and people

Between our four offices, we have 10 different nationalities and speak 8 foreign languages. Varying cultural influences and perspectives are valuable assets, fueling innovation and our drive to accelerate. Our openness makes us attuned to each other’s skills, embracing diversity and equality within our team.

Trust, collaboration and equality are core values at Quasset, guiding our company and actions. Through clear communication and transparency, we earn the trust of each other and of our clients.
Collaboration is not just key within the Quasset team, but also through joint industry initiatives and our projects with our clients. Collaboration has brought cutting-edge solutions to fruition and led to new perspectives within asset integrity.

One team resonates throughout our office culture. We believe everyone should be seen, heard, valued, and granted an equal chance. We allow room for ambition and opportunity for personal and professional growth. We have an excitement for the journey we are on, the courage to take innovation further, and the confidence and know-how to make it happen.

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