Digital workflow solution


NIIMax is 3D workflow software specifically designed to guide users through the assessment, planning, inspection enactment and evaluation phases. NIIMax manages information and data across each project phase, guides process activity, facilitates interfaces, and gives access to project participants.

Leverage single asset digital twins

A 3D model of a pressure vessel is used throughout the process. This single asset digital twin is marked up with different inputs such as process flows or degradation zones and is easily updated over time.
To develop a readily interpreted work scope with clear instructions for the inspection service provider, inspection areas are marked up on the 3D vessel. This is also used as a basis for on the job progress reporting.
Inspection results such as corrosion mapping data are displayed with colourgraphic maps at actual locations and can be integrated with previous results.
In the evaluation phase, the digital twin provides a basis for efficient NII conformance assessment and additional analysis of the inspection data, e.g. using statistical methods.

a set of demo videos to guide you through the 3D workflow solution for NII

NIIMax Benefits

  • Simplifies implementation of NII
  • Reduces likelihood of errors and increases confidence in the process
  • Full access for operator to inspection data, findings and NII outputs
  • Seamless interfacing between all project participants including the integrity team and the inspection/NDT service providers
  • Supplements IDMS for storage and access to high volume datasets
  • Increased efficiency of planning, enactment, and evaluation resulting in cost savings
  • Improves consistency of reporting and evaluation
  • Full visibility of project status to the operator throughout the process
  • Compatible with multiple data formats
  • Intuitive and user-friendly web interface

A digital approach to NII

Major energy companies are increasingly adopting non-intrusive inspection (NII), a safe and cost-efficient strategy for the integrity management of pressure equipment. NII implementation eliminates the need for pressure vessel entry for inspection, reducing production losses associated with shutdowns as well as avoiding hazards associated with confined space entry. Achieving the benefits of NII without compromising the integrity of vessels is reliant on a sound approach and a structured process. This is particularly important given that pressure vessels are typically high hazard items and failures can have very severe consequences.

NIIMax is specifically designed to help operators and their service providers effectively implement NII, recognizing the important role it plays in managing integrity risks and assuring production. NIIMax can be used in combination with HOIS-RP-103, a widely adopted industry best practice guideline for NII implementation.

NIIMax is a joint development by ESR Technology and Quasset, bringing together in-depth NII process knowledge and applications experience with industry-leading expertise in digital twins for NDT and software development.

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