Mixed reality application


With the arrival of HoloGrid, the future of work is here.
HoloGrid projects 3D grids onto piping elbows and straight piping sections, interactively blending real-world objects with digital content. Mixed reality is transforming the way inspections are carried out, delivering remarkable cost savings by optimizing operations. By digitalizing the gridding process, the reliability and repeatability of routine precise measurement data significantly improve.

HoloGrid optimizes operations and delivers significant cost savings


reduction in cost per inspection


reduction in inspection time

HoloGrid mixed reality application for pipe inspection

The augmented technician

Empowering workers with digital tooling boosts productivity and enhances on-site safety. With HoloGrid, the augmented technician can quickly visualize, convey and interact with 3D data. Gains in efficiency are remarkable as workers can quickly expedite their data collection workflows. Instant remote assistance can be provided, making collaboration seamless.

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New release: HoloGrid v.2.0

HoloGrid v.2.0 includes:
– new menu features for NDT inspection
– finger positioning & tracking
– new voice commends, undo and flip
– record inspection data, including saving photos, managing inspection documents, taking notes and recording results
– save & send inspection data

HoloGrid v.2.8 includes QR codes used as anchors for positioning, geometries and parameters

Increase reliability

Digitalizing the grid process has a huge impact on the repeatability and reliability of measurement data.

Reduce costs

Optimizing operations and increasing productivity deliver significant cost savings.

Enhance safety

Reliability of data increases; time in the field decreases: HoloGrid enhances safety for personnel.

Trimble XR 10 with HoloLens 2

HoloGrid is optimally used in combination with Microsoft’s Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2, an untethered mixed reality device mounted on an industry standard hardhat. The HoloGrid application can also be deployed to HoloLens 2.

  • Compatible with an industry standard hardhat and certified for use in safety-controlled environments
  • Intrinsic Safety: UL Class I, Division 2; UL 121201 & CSA C22.2 NO. 213
  • ASME B31.3 Piping Engineering Standard
  • Hand and eye tracking sensors for automatic calibration and interaction with menus and holograms
  • Headset to provide 2-way communication in high ambient noise environments
  • Real-time interaction between the field and files
  • Record photos and videos: Camera: 8-MP stills, 1080p30 video; Resolution: 2k 3:2 light engines
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HoloGrid Functionality

  • Mixed reality application
  • ​Standard grid following ASME 31.3 pipe design specifications
  • Pipe Measurement tool: Pipe sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches); Angle (45° and 90°); Radius (1D, 1.5D and 2D); Grid (1 and 2 inches)
  • 3D tracking of environment and points
  • Geo/spatial lock
  • Gestures and voice commands to operate menu and take measurements
  • QR codes used as anchors for positioning, geometries and parameters