Digital twin solution


Digital twins offer new levels of insight for maintenance and inspection work. As organizations are optimizing processes, the ability to access digital twins on location reduces risk, saves time, increases productivity, and is highly cost-efficient. Although 3D technology is available, creating 3D models for large physical assets until now has been limited to specialized CAD programs and costly technical engineering programs.

AssetBuilder & AssetAnnotator

An intuitive 3D modelling tool

Creating a digital twin of an asset has never been easier.
With AssetBuilder, a digital twin of an asset can be built online in your browser within minutes.
Building a digital twin in AssetBuilder is done in three main steps:

1. Create the base of your asset
2. Configure parameters
3. Click together the parts you need

Your digital twin of an asset is saved online, ready to view, edit and export. The files are small and ideal for embedding in reports. The 3D models are directly compatible with PDFs, PowerPoint, Word documents, and other CAD programs.

New asset class: Piping

With the addition of piping as a new asset class, another milestone has been reached on the AssetBuilder product roadmap.

AssetBuilder Piping is based on ASME standards to help companies maintain piping system integrity and ensure quality and safety. A digital twin of a pipe network can be created by snapping parts together. Users can add pipe flanges, reducers within a piping network, and pumps and valves.

Fast design
A 3D model of an asset can be created in minutes directly in your browser. AssetBuilder includes a multitude of predesigned components designed to make asset assembly fast and simple.
Intuitive interface
An intuitive user interface with predesigned components for asset assembly. Components click together, adjusting to variables such as wall thickness, diameter and component placement. Within a few clicks you have built your digital twin. Start from scratch or customize projects others have created.
Files are saved in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. Once a model is saved, it can be edited, shared and exported, ready to implement in reports. Also, AssetBuilder models are supported in Quasset RoboSim, the 3D robot simulator for robotic inspection

Online Purchase

€2200 per/yr

Your subscription allows you to create, customize, store and export your 3D assets.

AssetBuilder Subscription

A yearly subscription for a professional single user that allows you have access to building unlimited assets. We provide a dedicated support line for your questions and suggestions.

AssetBuilder Advantages

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Intuitive user interface that uses predesigned components for asset assembly
  • Files are saved in the cloud, accessible from anywhere
  • Once a model is saved, it can be edited, shared and exported
  • Compatibility with PDF, PowerPoint and Word document
  • Parts click together, similar to Lego bricks
  • 3D assets created right in your browser
  • Make screenshot, auto rotate, and full screen functions
  • Create and start building your own library of assets
  • AssetBuilder models are supported in RoboSim, Quasset’s robotic simulation software