Quasset’s Robotics Implementation Services are designed to support our customers from various industries in identifying, assessing, and ultimately deciding on the most suitable technologies and robotics platforms for deployment and integration in their facilities and installations.

Our capabilities and expertise in robotics

With our highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and experts, we bring deep functional experience in conducting technology scouting and matching, where we explore all possible robotic systems and applications that are most suited to your needs. Furthermore, our capabilities and expertise include conducting and facilitating various types of robotic testing, operational integration development, replication and scaling services, and actual field implementation and use of these technologies.

We have a variety of I&M robotic platforms and test facilities to help you decide on your next robotic investment

Since modern robotic units are highly customizable and versatile, and come in various models, before investing in robotic CAPEX, asset owners may utilize Quasset’s access to a wide range of robots and drones from the world’s leading manufacturers. Clients and partners may utilize our specialized facilities equipped with all the right tools to conduct both short and long-term testing to assess the technology’s overall performance while being conducted by experts in a safe and controlled environment.

Implementation & Scaling Process Flow

We have various I&M robots available to suit your needs

ANYmal D


ANYmal X



Boston Dynamics




Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Taurob Inspector


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