Quasset Test Facility robotic solutions assessment validation

Conveniently located near Amsterdam, Quasset Test Facility (QTF) facilitates the experimentation and validation of robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance. The 600-square-meter testing facility houses a range of decommissioned assets which serve to test swimming, flying and crawling robotic systems in a controlled environment.

As an independent facility, QTF provides the vital bridge between lab environments and real-world application to safely test and validate novel solutions. Robotic and other new technologies can be tested on real-world assets in a safe environment. In addition, QTF provides third-party assessments of technology for robotic and inspection systems. From start-ups to leading oil and gas companies and service providers, all have the opportunity to accelerate progress, working in consultation with QTF’s specialist robotic application staff.

QTF is based in Huizen which is located in the proximity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The facility features a seven- by four-meter water basin, suitable for testing swimming and submerged robotic systems. On site are also a decommissioned pressure vessel, piping and elbows, and tank floor plates, which serve as a valuable source for real-world testing and experimenting. The ceiling height of QTF is seven meters, providing ample space for testing indoor drones. QTF includes an elevated enclosed office, kitchen and conference space that faces the facility, ideal for full visibility during trials in a safe and controlled environment.


  • Controlled testing environment
  • Suitable space for swimming, crawling and flying robotic systems
  • Lifting and handling solutions
  • Submerged testing in a basin
  • Wide variety of testing possibilities


  • Independent 3rd party technology assessment and consulting
  • Robotic testing and validation
  • Operator qualifications
  • Designing tests
  • Testing workflows and operational processes


  • Decommissioned Pressure Vessel
  • Tank Floor Plates
  • Piping and Elbows
  • Large water basin


Quasset Test Facility (QTF) is located in Huizen in the Netherlands, conveniently located in the vicinity of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


For more information about how your organization can utilize QTF, please contact Olav van Wely at Quasset.

T: +31 (0)35 820 02 88
E: info@quasset.com