Water Innovation Use Cases

By implementing a proactive, holistic asset management strategy, water and wastewater utilities can optimize asset performance. Quasset provides cutting-edge solutions for the water sector through Q-Pro, a fully modular and customizable solution. Q-Pro includes workflow management systems for inspection and maintenance, GIS integration, data-driven tools for water treatment, and risk modelling of infrastructure (above & below ground).
Quasset also has proven track record selecting, testing and validating innovative robotic solutions for smart integrated water services and the inspection of large diameter sewers.



Pipeline Inspection Consultancy

Long-term cooperation with different stakeholders and disciplines to find, test and validate innovative and economic inspection methods for large diameter concrete BWP water transport pipelines situated in critical surroundings in the Netherlands.

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Q-Pro Solution to Reduce Non-revenue Water

Water Innovation Use Case using Q-Pro

Q-Pro offered a solution to reduce non-revenue water for the Mogale Municipality.

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