Quasset launches mixed reality application HoloGrid

Quasset proudly announced today the launch of HoloGrid, a mixed reality application to create 3D grids.

HoloGrid revolutionizes pipeline inspections, eliminating the need to manually create UT grids. One of the most challenging parts of pipeline inspections involves taking elbow point thickness measurements. Marking is done manually and is a time-consuming process; human error can potentially cause inaccurate measurements, lead to mishaps, and create substantial costs due to having to repeat the inspection again. 3D grids are created instantaneously with HoloGrid, optimizing operations and delivering significant cost savings.


With the arrival of HoloGrid, the future of work is here. Empowering workers with digital tooling boosts productivity and enhances on-site safety. With HoloGrid workers can quickly visualize, convey and interact with 3D data. Gains in efficiency are remarkable as field technicians can quickly expedite their data collection workflows. Instant remote assistance can be provided to technicians, making collaboration seamless. By digitalizing the gridding process, the reliability and repeatability of routine precise measurement data significantly improves.

HoloGrid projects a 3D grid onto a pipe elbow, interactively blending real-world objects with digital content. By using gestures and voice commands, the projected hologram can move and rotate in all directions, giving workers a 360 view of the asset. HoloGrid creates a spatial map of the environment, allowing workers to reproduce exact measurements at the same location each time. Additionally, the application includes predefined dimensions as such as angle, width, radius and grid size to record constant measurement data.
HoloGrid is optimally used in combination with Microsoft’s Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2, an untethered mixed-reality device mounted on an industry standard hardhat.

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HoloGrid – a mixed reality application to create 3D grids