Holo-Inspect & NDE Digital Center

Holo-Inspect & NDE Digital Center is a client solution developed for a major energy company to create a digital workflow that enhances NDE inspections for piping elbows. The project was successfully executed in 15 weeks following an agile methodology. A weekly iteration was done to gather feedback, enhancing the capability of the development team to include the changes and feedback of the end users.


The client request was for Quasset to develop:

  • a cost-effective solution to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of NDE inspection workflows
  • a flexible solution that will adapt to future systems; as technologies evolve it should be easy to add new variables
  • a comprehensive solution to include all aspects of the inspection process. From preparation, planning, data gathering, creation of work packages to data sharing, uploading, reviewing, auditing and preparation to transfer to systems of record

Quasset developed an end-to-end software solution that covered three key areas: Work preparation, In-Field data collection, and Inspection reporting.
The solution required the development of several software components which integrated key inspection hardware devices, resulting in two new applications: the Holo-Inspect mixed reality application and the NDE Digital Center.

Outcomes & Learnings

The client solution leveraged Quasset’s experience of using tablets for inspection processes, adding new and existing technologies for field data capturing. The solution also built upon Quasset’s stand-alone application, HoloGrid, which projects a 3D grid onto a piping elbow.

Implementing an agile methodology to realize this solution provided many advantages. There was a high degree of collaboration between the client and project team, from prioritizing features, iteration planning, and review sessions to frequent software builds containing new features.