Q-Pro Solution to Reduce Non-revenue Water

The Mogale Municipality faced a multitude of challenges, including limited bulk water availability, aging infrastructure, and limited budgets for maintenance and renewal programs. It was therefore key to find practical, tangible improvements that would reduce losses and boost income generation at the municipality. Q-Pro offered a solution to reduce non-revenue water for the municipality.


Quasset’s approach collected and combined existing utility data and open-source resources, allowing for direct tangible benefits to physical and commercial water losses.
To make progress on both these fronts, the following solutions were developed:

  • Risk-based pipeline replacement model for the water distribution network, thereby allowing prioritization of repairs & replacement and optimal budget allocation.
  • Investment forecasting with custom scenarios of risk evolution over time for informed decision-making.
  • Comparative analysis of meter records and billing information to identify potential quick commercial wins.
  • Field data improvements for meter administration
  • Integrated Q-Pro dashboard for business analytics including interactive maps, models and forecasts.
Successes & Learnings


  • Quick gains for NRW Reduction (2-4% improvement in a couple of days)
  • Methodology and Tooling for Risk-Based Pipeline Replacement Planning
  • Insight into Long Term Funding Requirements
  • Fact Driven Budgets for Holistic decision making
  • Existing Data made visual and translated into Concrete Actions


  • Pragmatic approach yields the quickest wins
  • Local engineering and managerial champions are fundamental to drive any improvement initiative