Festive opening of Quasset Terneuzen office

Quasset kicked off 2023 with a New Year’s reception to celebrate the opening of the Terneuzen office in the Netherlands. Senior International Project Manager Peter Voorhans, who is leading the Terneuzen office, and Quasset CEO Tjibbe Bouma welcomed the guests and opened the event. Terneuzen councilman Jurgen Vervaet joined the reception and ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the opening of the office.

Season’s Greetings from Quasset

Season’s Greetings from Quasset 2022 is drawing to an end and we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year’s progress and express our gratitude to all those we have collaborated with this past year. Societal challenges have made 2022 a very turbulent year: exiting from a COVID- restricted world to a new…

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Quasset Team Meeting 2022

Quasset Team Meeting 2022 in the Netherlands [Re]align & [Re]connect was the theme of the Quasset Global Team Meeting held mid-May 2022 in the Netherlands. What a celebration to have our four offices reunited after 2,5 years! It was a full week with team building workshops, biking, excursions, and presentations. Our time together gave us…

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Quasset participation in H2020 PILOTING Project Integration Week

Quasset participation in H2020 PILOTING Project Integration Week This week an important milestone in the H2020 PILOTING Project: Integration Week! Members of the PILOTING consortium worked together in small groups, connecting different components of the PILOTING platform and testing the system end-to-end, from smart inspection planning to the robotic mission and post-mission data processing. Illustrated…